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GUNS FOR SALE ONLINE: Observe firearms laws while traveling as they vary by local, state and international governments. If you are traveling internationally with a firearm in your checked baggage, please check the U.S. Each firearm must be declared each time it is transported as checked baggage. Please check with your airline for applicable restrictions and fees. Firearms must be unloaded, locked in a hard case, and carried as checked baggage only. A loaded firearm, as defined in 49 CFR 1540.5, contains live ammunition or components thereof in a chamber or cylinder attached to the firearm or in a magazine.

For civil enforcement purposes, the TSA will consider a firearm loaded even if both the firearm and ammunition are accessible to the passenger. For example, if a person carries a firearm in accessible baggage and ammunition in his pocket, or a combination of access to both, the firearm is considered “loaded” for purposes of determining civil penalties. increase. To ensure TSA compliance he is the only person required to hold the key or combination for the lock unless a TSA officer asks for the key to open the gun case. Any brand or type of lock can be used to secure your gun case, including TSA approved locks. Bringing an unloaded firearm into a security checkpoint with accessible ammunition will incur the same civil penalties/fines as bringing a loaded firearm into a checkpoint.