1954 HRA M1 Garand



1954 HRA M1 Garand Expert Grade

Wife said “You dont NEED a half dozen of the same rifle” so unfortuantly I have to let this gem go from my personal collection. This is an expert grade CMP HRA M1 Garand that was manufactured in 1954. Throat reading is 0/0. It has a new CMP stock and Criterion barrel.

From CMP website: “EXPERT .30-06 GRADE RIFLES will feature a NEW, Commercial-Production Stock Set and a NEW Commercial-Production barrel chambered for .30-06 Springfield. Bore condition will be “as new”, and barrels will gauge “as new”. The balance of parts on EXPERT Grade Rifles will match all service grade criteria, showing less wear and a better cosmetic appearance than a Field or Rack Grade. Cosmetic condition will be good to very good. Rifle finish may vary, exhibiting normal wear and/or color variation among the metal parts. May have some visible pitting, frosting, or other minor cosmetic deformity on the metal parts.”

Manufacture: HRA
Model: M1 Garand
Caliber: .30-06 Springfield (7.62×63mm)
Date manufactured:  1954
Barrel manufactured: 2021
CMP Muzzle Reading: 0+
n_CMP Throat Reading: 0+
CMP Rifle Grade: RMI Expert
Barrel Length: 24″
Total Length: 43.5″
Action: Gas-operated, rotating bolt
Rate of fire: 40–50 rounds/min
Effective firing range: 500 yd
Feed system: 8-round en-bloc clip, internal magazine
Rear Sight: Adjustable aperture
Front Sight: Wing protected post

NOTE: This particular M1 Garand has been completely restored by CMP and is classified as an RMI EXPERT GRADE. Comes with the M1 Garand, a manual, CMP hard case, empty chamber barrel flag, and an 8-round en-bloc clip. Because of the tight Muzzle and Throat Readings, this should be an excellent shooting rifle.


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